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Pumpkin Party £5,995

Pumpkin Party

- Throw balls at the pumpkins to win tickets
- Different pumpkins offer different scores for extra skill

Dims: 1m W, 2.43m D, 2.3m H

Clown Wheel £4,495

Clown Wheel

- Most popular redemption concept for over 10 years
- Clown Wheel bonus feature for extra tickets

Dims: 0.8m W, 1.5m D, 2.48m H

Gear Up £4,495

Gear Up

- The ultimate "jump in and play" driving game for children
- No pedals to make for easier gameplay - and upload photo for added fun!
- Ticket payout

Dims: 1.35m W, 1.53m D, 1.9m H

Space Reels 5ply RND pusher £10,995


- Unique five player pusher from Harry Levy
- Just 1.3m diameter - perfect for those awkward gaps
- Fantastic ticket payout feature with spinning UFO topflash
- Individual player lighting