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Martian Madness 5ply £11,995

Martian Madness 5ply RND
- New aesthetically pleasing design to make it even more attractive to players and easier to maintain
- Optimise cashbox takings in those awkward spaces - just 1.3m wide!
- Spinning UFO topflash with proven success in customer attraction and ticket payout feature

Dims: 1.3m wide x 2.2m tall


Dual Change Pro £1,695


- Note to Coin & Coin to Coin function
- 2 hoppers; NV10 note acceptor
- SLIM CHANGE PRO (NEW - Coin to Coin or Note to Coin also available)

Dims: 0.34m wide x 0.48m deep x 1.46m tall

Pharaohs Golden Tickets 4ply £12,995

Pharaohs Golden Ticket 4pl main
- Distinctive modular design and catchy soundtrack
- Roll the dice to move across the bonus board to win more tickets
- Community feature

Dims: 1.34m wide x 1.18m deep x 1.86m tall

Butterfly 6ply £15,995

Buttefly 6ply straight

- Follow-up to popular Caterpillar and Lady Bug pusher range from Harry Levy
- Distinctive topflash and themed soundtrack
-  Centre lose holes and ticket payout

Dims: 2.02m wide x 1.18m deep x 2.08m tall

Telephone Box 1ply crane £1,495

Telephone Box

- Available on Prize Every Time or % play
- Distinctive cabinet and ringing phone audio attract setting

Dims: 0.78m wide x 0.65m deep x 2.2m tall