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Dinosaur Wheel Giant £5,495

Dinosaur Wheel Giant

- Spin the giant wheel to win tickets
- Bold design that stands out on arcade floor
- Bespoke wheel patterns to match desired ticket payout settings

Dims: 1.15m wide x 1.9m deep x 2.56m tall

Dinosaur Wheel £4,495

Dinosaur Wheelb

- Smaller version for sites with reduced arcade space

Dims: 0.81m wide x 1.5m deep x 1.87m tall

Krazy Karz £2,995 each

Krazy Karz  

- Great gameplay, a stunning LED lit cabinet, and the option of a one or linkable two player game
- From the team behind Go Go Pony - not to be missed for FEC's

Dims: 0.6m wide x 1.45m deep x 1.62m tall


MMA Test Your Speed! £4,495

MMA Test Your Speed
- The ultimate test of speed and skill
- Hit the pads as fast as you can whey they light up; ticket payout

Dims: 0.8m wide x 1.15m deep x 2.05m tall

Go Go Pony £2,995 each


- A proven winner, and the best-selling kiddie ride in the last five years
- Stand-out design and alluring LED lit cabinet perfect for appeal, and complemented by interactive game for children

Dims: 0.66m wide x 1.41m deep x 1.65m tall