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Lucky Ducks Racing 6ply

Lucky Ducks Racing 6ply

- Six player ticket redemption from Eurotek
- Pick your duck wisely - each duck has a unique ticket value!
- Classic Hold and Nudge features to help get duck over the line

Dims: 2m wide x 1.3m deep x 2m tall

Circus Jars £5,995

Circus Jars

- Pick the right time to release the balls and land on the highest ticket value
- Collect all the letters to win the Super Bonus jackpot

Dims: 1.03m wide x 1.25m deep x 2.63m tall

Speed Racer £4,995

Speed Racer

- Roll the balls into different coloured rings to race one another
- The first car to cross the finish line wins!

Dims: 1.35m wide x 2.05m deep x 1.87m tall

Devils Hunter £4,995

 Devils Hunter

- Throw the balls at the immersive LCD screen to battle again the devils and win tickets
- "Monster Devil" boss level 

Dims: 0.88m wide x 1.96m deep x 2.3m tall