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Jungle Bowling £5,995


Children will be “bowled over” with this fun jungle-themed bowling game, which offers authentic bowling simulation and competitive gameplay played either individually or as a two player piece. Its colourful cabinet design and interactive audio input from the jungle animals makes this a perfect redemption game for the whole family.

Dims: 1790mm W, 1980mm D, 2230mm H

Captain Jack £4,995

CaptainJack 2

This kiddie ride features a hugely playable ball shooting game, where players must aim to shoot the cannons through the moving holes on the rival pirate ship. Rocking motion, vibrant lights and ticket payout will make children think they are the captain of the seven seas!

Dims: 1830mm W, 890mm D, 184mm H

Basket Blitz £2,195 each or £3,995 for 2

Basket Blitz

Linkable for up to 16 players, BasketBlitz is a simple yet hugely effective new basketball game that features a moving hoop, ticket payout and vibrant cabinet lighting that can be set-up in sequence if linked to other machines.

Dims: 980mm W, 2500mm D, 2400mm H

KIDS VR £2,195 each or £3,995 for 2

Kids VR 1

Keep the youngsters entertained as they immerse themselves in this perfect-sized virtual reality game. With VR hand-held glasses which also function as the menu navigation, there’s a wide range of levels that serve as the ideal educational and innovative platform for children aged between three and ten years old. Ticket Payout Option

Dims: 670mm W, 660mm D, 11800mn H